About Us

Avastrip by Rizot Holidays is the very first B2B hotel booking platform in the Maldives. Designed exclusively for holidays in the Maldives, Avastrip offers modern solution to the everyday struggle of holiday bookings. Closing the gabs in today’s industry our mobile friendly platform with instant confirmations will provide a fast, reliable and convenient service. Avastrip offers competitive B2B rates with live availability boosting the reliability.

We will be offering solutions to every step of your holiday in the future, starting from the doorstep of your client’s home to the destination and back again. From airport transfers to Hotel bookings and excursions, we cover will be covering step of the experience. Exclusivity is our first priority, meeting the client’s every need and every desire just as the want to make sure that their holiday is met with their expectations.

Making sure that the process of bookings meets your expectations we will offer API integration making it ever easier and convenient.

In the age of technology, Avastrip is the ideal choice for holiday bookings. A convenient solution for the existing daily struggles with its high-end features.

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